At the law office of Terri M Miles, you the client benefit from the experience and dedication of an attorney with specialization in family law. Terri Miles puts the client first; meaning you will have a strong advocate who will guide you through every step of the justice system providing you with high quality representation & Divorce lawyers Tangipahoa                .

Whether you seek to dissolve your marriage; desire to modify your present custody/visitation or support order; wish to prepare a prenuptial agreement; enter into a covenant marriage; or adopt a child or surrender a child for adoption, the law office of Terri M Miles can handle your family law matters.

Adoption & Paternity

Adoptions: Intra Family; Private; Open; adult adoption; Father’s Opposition to placement of child for Adoption.

Paternity: Paternity Established; DNA testing ordered; Establishment of Parental Rights; Disavowal of Paternity of non-biological child & Custody or joint custody Plaquemines

Custody & Child Support

Child Custody: Joint; Sole; Shared; Split; Modification of Custody order; visitation issues; Joint Custody Implementation Plans; Relocation of Child & Divorce mediation Plaquemines.

Child Support Issues: increases or reductions; extraordinary expenses of child; extracurricular expenses; health care coverage; tuition and/or daycare; wage assignments

Collaborative Divorce

This new approach to the family law process involves a team comprised of attorneys, mental health professionals, child experts and financial advisors to act as a settlement team to resolve all issues by utilizing creative problem solving techniques. As a group they “brain storm” all available options for the best possible resolution by “thinking outside the box”. This process eliminates all litigation and is without court appearances or judicial involvement.

Terri Miles is a qualified collaborative divorce professional and believes this team approach is beneficial in many families who are able to work toward an amicable resolution of all issues with open disclosure of all financial records, assets, and liabilities by avoiding the usual costly and emotional trauma of continuous litigation.


Mediation is a problem solving process in which a neural third party assists family members in identifying options to resolve their disagreements and reach mutually beneficial decisions. Mediation teaches families to communicate and problem solving skills. It benefits children by promoting communications between parents and incurs less expense than litigation.

Terri Miles is qualified in Advanced Family Law Mediation either Private or Court Appointed. As a mediator, Terri does not represent either party and cannot provide legal advice. However, she helps define the issues and guides both parties to communicate, negotiate and cooperate. Terri is also qualified to assist in Juvenile court matters.

Terri’s legal experience, mediation skills, past experience working with CASA, and experience as a parent and grandparent enable her to be a strong advocate for the rights of children & Child support Plaquemines.